Where we go

For our Gold Expeditions, we go to the Lochaber region of Scotland. Not only does this area have some of the most dramatic scenery in the UK, it is also a quiet, remote area. It is possible to walk 15 miles on a July Saturday and not meet anyone else! Okay, so it may be raining and you may be eaten alive by the local midge population, but it really is a great place to do an expedition.

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When we go

Our pattern for the past few years has been to do the Gold expedition during July. This means that you will have done all your exams/coursework and be at the start of your summer break. This year we will be going from Fri 16th July to Fri 23rd July 2010.

How we train you

Yes, training. While it would be interesting to dump you in Scotland and let you find your way home, your parents would probably object! So, we do a number of training days/weekends to ensure that by the time we go to Scotland that everyone is competent in navigation, first aid and campcraft.