Tony Bootlace Liz

Tony & Liz have been running the D of E group at Norton College & Peaks Centre for the past 5 years. Sometimes organised, sometimes slick, occasionally well run and often chaotic, they have been responsible for supervising training in the snow, practices in the fog, and qualifying expeditions in freezing conditions (in July!). Aided by Bootlace and the rest of the team, they've never lost anyone.....yet!

For 2008-09 the team consists of Claire, Courtney, Dave, Luke,and Tom.

Claire Claire did her Gold expedition in 2005, surviving torrential rain and generally yukky conditions. For some reason known only to herself, that wasn't enough and she volunteered to come back and help the following year. We keep trying to get rid of her, but she keeps turning up with chocolate muffins, so we let her stay! She was also the 1st person to complete her Gold Award with us.

Luke Luke did his Gold expedition in 2007 in conditions almost as bad as 2005. An encounter with Mountain Rescue didn't dampen his enthusiasm and he returned last year to pass on his valuable experience and knowledge of mobile phone reception in the Highlands! He also made it to Corrour a year after he set off there - having been distracted en-route last time.

Courtney, Tom & Dave did their Gold expedition last year. Tom & Dave got very wet while Courtney still maintains that it didn't rain! They've only just joined the team, so we'll wait a bit before we tell some stories about them!

John & BevOf course we can't not mention the cook and chief bottle washer, Bev and John, who do a fantastic job of looking after us and making sure that there is always tea in the pot and food on the table. (Not to mention the minibus driving and carrot grating!)